RECIPE :: christmas pudding

(makes 4 small puddings)

There is nothing light and fluffy about this monster of a dessert. It is a very deep, rich and fruity dessert that is best served hot with thick brandy cream and a glass warmed brandy.

1 quince (peeled and grated),
1 orange
1 lemon,
50g / 2oz of dried figs (finely chopped),
50g / 2oz of un-sulphured dried apricots (finely chopped),
50g / 2oz of dried prunes (finely chopped),
50g / 2oz of fresh dates (finely chopped),
50g / 2oz of candied cherries (finely chopped),
25g / 1oz of candied stem ginger (finely chopped),
100g / 3½oz of raisins,
100g / 3½oz of sultanas,
50g / 2oz of currants,
50g / 2oz of mixed peel,
200g / 7oz of suet,
100g / 3½oz of ground almonds,
1tbsp of molasses,
200g / 7oz of dark muscovado sugar,
100g / 3½oz plain flour,
2tsp of ginger syrup (or the syrup the candied ginger is stored in),
½ tsp of cinnamon,
1½ tsp of mixed spice,
50g / 2oz of potato flour and
210ml of brandy.

1) Grate the zest of the orange and lemon.  Finely chop their flesh and place into a bowl.
2) Combine all the ingredients (except the potato flour and brandy) with the orange and lemons.
3) Combine the potato flour with the brandy and then mix it into the bowl.
4) Make sure all the ingredients are mixed very thoroughly, then cover and leave overnight.
5) Put the mixture into a pudding bowl, place a sheet of baking paper over the top of the bowl and attach it by tying it on with string to ensure a good seal.  Wrap a dish cloth over the bowl and put into a saucepan of boiling water.
6) Steam for 7 hours, topping up the water if needed.

Christmas pudding is best served with brandy cream so here is a quick brandy cream recipe.

Brandy cream
100ml soya cream,
tsp of vanilla extract,
1tbsp of brandy and
fresh lemon juice.

1) Combine the cream with the vanilla essence and brandy.
2) Some creams thicken when lemon juice is added to them so slowly add the lemon juice a few drops at a time until it thickens like double cream. Make sure to stop before it becomes to acidic in flavour. If its to acidic go and buy a different brand of cream then try again.